The Failure of the European-Style State and “Development” in Africa

“We had escaped a place where evil stared right at you from the sockets of a child’s skull on a battlefield, only to arrive in London, where office workers led lives of such tedium and plenty that they had to entertain themselves with all the fucking and killing on the big screen. So, here then was the prosperous, democratic and civilized Western world. A place of washing machines, reality TV, Armani, frequent-flier miles, mortgages. And this is what the Africans are supposed to hope for, if they’re lucky.”

– Aidan Hartley, The Zanzibar Chest

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A Humble Plea for the Appreciation of Diversity

The world remains a rich tapestry; it remains a rich topography of the spirit. These myriad voices of humanity are not failed attempts at being you; failed attempts at being ‘modern.’ They are unique facets of the human imagination. They are unique answers to a fundamental question: What does it mean to be human and alive? And when asked that question, they respond with 6000 different voices, and collectively those voices become our human repertoire for dealing with the challenges that will confront us in the ensuing millennia.

– Dr. Wade Davis, anthropologist/ethnobotanist

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