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My Notepad

I smile as they cringe when they see you. You are my samurai sword. You have the power to save lives and dispel lies, to end wars and help the poor, to shed light unto injustice, and to conjure fear into the hearts of the corrupt. You are my badge, signifying who I am. You are my License to Ask, my affirmation of identity, and my legitimacy. You are an umbrella against a downpour of doubt. You are my compass, my lantern, my map, guiding me towards the Truth. You are the birthplace of ideas and the incubator of thoughts. You are my faithful sidekick, going where I go. You give me herculean memory, seamlessly receiving my thoughts and diligently recalling them on command, knowing that each entry brings you closer to your end. You give me the resolve to go where I need to go, and to do what I must. You are an impetus to turn curiosity into questions, questions into answers, and answers into ideas. You give me courage and remind me of who and what I am, and where I want to go. You are not simply a notepad. You are self-empowerment. You are identity.

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